Pentametron 2013: “A Virtual Ted Berrigan for the Masses”

Locus Solus: The New York School of Poets

In case you aren’t completely sick of year-end “best of” lists, here’s one more.  For his entry on a “Best of the Internet 2013” list on the website The Bygone Bureau, Nick Moran chooses Pentametron 2013, a rather fun and fascinating Twitter phenomenon I hadn’t heard of before.  (Apparently, it’s been discussed quite a bit this year, but I must’ve missed it).

As Moran describes it

Using a basic algorithm, Pentametron combs the entirety of Twitter in real time for rhyming tweets written in the English language (or, at the very least, containing words with English characters). It has two criteria: tweets must be ten syllables long; and they must be written in Iambic pentameter. The account then retweets a pair of these tweets every hour on the hour. (Presumably forever.)

The examples Moran gives are amusing and compelling, and it sounds like this “robot poet” is an interesting twist…

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