Barack Obama: Dreams from My Father (1995)

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I have been reading during the last days the memoir “Dreams from My Father” written by Barack Obama.

This memoir was published in July 1995 when Barack Obama was preparing to launch his political career in a campaign for an Illinois office, five years after being elected in 1990 as the first African-American president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. It covers the events of his life up until his entry into law school. The book has 442 pages (Canongate edition 2007) and consists of nineteen chapters and a short epilogue.

The book is astonishingly well written (considering that Barack Obama is not a professionell writer).

In his youth years Barack Obama led a fascinating and also sometimes tormented life moving from Hawaii to Indonesia and finally to the United States.

Obama was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Obama, Sr. of Kenya, and Ann Dunham of

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