The dog teaches us that all is meat, prey to decomposition and decay. It teaches us that we can go for the bare bones of the situation, cutting away the flesh to get to that which assembles it: skeleton, framework, house, diagram. We have seen that for Deleuze there is no wrong animal, no wrong cry. Even the bark detects a force and makes a sign. The question is one of sensitivity and awareness, of being on the alert for forces and signs. The dog is just as capable of alerting us to the diabolic forces knocking at the door as any other animal. “Even the most closed house opens onto a universe” (WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY, 180, my translation). So the house is ambiguous, between domesticity and cosmicity. The key element is “not the flesh but the compound of nonhuman forces of the cosmos, of man’s nonhuman becomings, and of…

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