An interesting example of the dog as psychoanalyst (really schizoanalyst, but let’s not quibble about brand names) is given by Feyerabend in his autobiography KILLING TIME. He describes his passage from “icy egotist” to a human being capable of friendship and love (169) . He takes his icy egotism as merely a more acute form of what it is to be an “individual” in our Western civilization. There is a barrier around each of us, boundaries that isolate and define each individual, limting their existence, preventing full dialogue and free exchange: “the fact that the parties to an exchange have an existence of their own puts limits on their feelings and actions” (169).

Feyerabend was aware of the strength of this egotistic barrier in his case, and regretted it, but for a long time he did nothing about it. Gradually he came to have experiences where the boundaries became blurred…

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