Deleuze remarks that a dualism can be a good first step on the way to a multiplicity. So when he opposes barking and howling we can be sure that this is a preliminary distinction to get us to feel something important. Deleuze “indicates that he is sensitive to something in animals, but what bothers him are familial and familiar, domestic animals” (ABC Primer, A as in Animal). Deleuze is trying to awaken a sensitivity, not pass judgement. He has in mind the whole multiplicity of canine cries: barking, howling, yelping, growling, snarling, yapping. The bark in itself is not in question, there are all sorts of barking,  but rather its stupidity versus its “demonicity”.

James Hillman talks of the dog as an “angel” bearing messages of the plural soul, Deleuze prefers to talk in terms of demons, but the idea is the same uncoded signs and becomings rather…

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