Deleuze, we have seen, had sympathy for the plight of the dog, and found a relation with his own state attached, as by a leash, to an oxygen tank. More generally, he found that this proximity to dogs is the general case when we are subjected to medical power. Deleuze remarks that doctors as “individuals” may be “quite exquisite”, yet “they treat people like dogs” in their medical function (ABC Primer, M as in Malady). Instead of the hysterical identification of the dog owner who talks to the dog as if it were a member of their family, we have the cold doctor of distances who treats the human patient as the object of an experiment with their technical machines. The result is the same, no sympathy, no becoming, the “rift” between domesticity and wilderness is not healed.

Undoubtedly we should not examine dogs alone, but the multiplicity of…

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